Address: Hantverkaregatan 15, 293 72 Jämshög Show map

Address: Hantverkaregatan 15, 293 72 Jämshög

Here mirrored Harry Martinson, Nobel Laureate in Literature, and Sven Edvin Saljes life.

The museum in Jämshög shows Harry Martinson, Nobel Prize Winner in literature and Sven Edvin Saljes life. Saljes office from his childhood home you will find here. Harry Martinson was a great collector and here you will find his collections of brands, labels and cans. There are also exhibits showing the small community Jämshög, an old store and a school museum. The Klockarelyckan at Jämshögs church is also a memorial with the names of the area’s most famous people inscribed in a stone. Read more: www.salje.se and www.harrymartinson.se

The facility is handicapped accessible.

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