Ski run, Olofstrom

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Trails between Hemsjö-Hovmansbygd. For skiing.

The track is one of Sweden's most beautiful embankments, parallel to Mörrumsån by Käringahejans Reserve.
Between Hemsjö and Hovmansbygd is 4.8 km and a height difference of 18m. (Turn on or restart the bridge in Hovmansbygd so will stretch almost exactly 10 km Thu). The track is very easy to ride and should fit all, regardless trolley or herding habit.
If you are training for Vasaloppet, is looking to enjoy the great outdoors, or just think it's good in general, you are equally welcome. No one should have more stress than it wants to. Want someone to run on, it is up to the overtaking, changing tracks. Otherwise we run the right track. If you want to stop and rest, it is always to blame, that studying dippers, whooper or any of all the other things that are on display. Otters can also be present.

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Nearby accommodations


Hotel Fritzatorpet

Distance: 11.8 km
Hotel with 26 rooms, beautifully situated near the big lake Halen in Olofstörm.
B & B


Distance: 14 km
Liljenborg A charming Bed & Breakfast situated by a stream in Jämshög. There are eight double rooms and four single rooms. In each room there is Cable-TV and toilet. One mini-suite for two with a private bathroom. There is a conference room for a smaller group and in the hall you can sit and eat your breakfast or watch cable-TV. Free WIFI.