Mill round 70km, Olofstrom

Address: Brostugevägen 1, 29341 Olofström Show map

Address: Brostugevägen 1, 29341 Olofström

Only asphalt.

Starting at Brocenter runs against right off the 121.
At the stadium, turn right Idrottsvägen. At the roundabout - first exit to the right. At the roundabout - second road against Svängstavägen - Run on Svängstavägen. Turn left towards the Moon-Shine. Kyrkhult, the church in Kyrkhult - turn right. Turn right towards the Corner Lake. At the T-junction - turn left towards Fridafors. (Route 126). Turn right towards Björkebråten. Drive to the T-junction Björkebråten - turn left towards Ryd. In Ryd - turn left - road 119 towards Lönsboda. Then turn left towards Farabol, Bengt Boda, Kåraboda, Björkefall, Slagesnäs. At Slagesnäs Lake turn left towards Vilshult (Northern Slagesnäs Road). In Vilshult - running over 121 towards Kullan, Nyteboda, turn left towards Harasjömåla, Beak Boda, Northern Gillesnäs - Hala Bridge - (proposals turn towards the right Hotel Fritzatorpet for coffee or food.).
For mor information, visit the Tourist centre.

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