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  • North against Snöfleboda and Vilshult about 40 km, Olofstroem

North against Snöfleboda and Vilshult about 40 km, Olofstroem

Address: Brostugevägen 1, 29341 Olofström Show map

Address: Brostugevägen 1, 29341 Olofström

Start Brocenter-against Olofstroem center on the bike path-crossing East Main Street at the traffic lights-Lower Brogatan-cross road 116 - Upper Bridge Street and the road to Snöfleboda - Isaac Painting - left towards Slagesnässjön- Galaxy Resort by the lake). Past Rudesjön - Vilshult-cross Road 121 - the left side of the road along the railway - Gåsagylet - Brokamåla - Hala Bridge - (Hotel Fritsatorpet left 2km) -Alltidhult - Boafall - Jämshög and re Brocenter. Attractions The village Snöfleboda, Rock Langan in Vilshult, Bagge Boda mill and sawmill. Nice vantage point on Blekingeleden 300 meters west of the farm in Boafall. Food: Fritzatorpet. Bad Slagesnässjö at the lake's south pole, the rest area at Halens south pole. Map material is available at the tourist office.

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B & B


Distance: 1.8 km
Liljenborg A charming Bed & Breakfast situated by a stream in Jämshög. There are eight double rooms and four single rooms. In each room there is Cable-TV and toilet. One mini-suite for two with a private bathroom. There is a conference room for a smaller group and in the hall you can sit and eat your breakfast or watch cable-TV. Free WIFI.

Hotel Fritzatorpet

Distance: 2 km
Hotel with 26 rooms, beautifully situated near the big lake Halen in Olofstörm.