Granums Cycling route

Address: Box 302, 293 24 Olofström Show map

Address: Box 302, 293 24 Olofström

Lovely cycling route

East Orlundsån flows downstream Ake Grinder up in a ravine surrounded by beech forest. If you stop about 500m south of Ake mill half way down the hill towards the trapped and you have the river near the road on the right. The entire stretch from Ake mill and down to the open land at the trapped have high conservation value and here and there along the river you can see the royal fern or kungsbräken as it is known. The slopes are pretty blocky and here are some older books left which means that there is plenty of dead wood. This favors the smaller woodpeckers that nest in the area.

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Nearby accommodations


Hotel Fritzatorpet

Distance: 7.5 km
Hotel with 26 rooms, beautifully situated near the big lake Halen in Olofstörm.
B & B


Distance: 5.7 km
Liljenborg A charming Bed & Breakfast situated by a stream in Jämshög. There are eight double rooms and four single rooms. In each room there is Cable-TV and toilet. One mini-suite for two with a private bathroom. There is a conference room for a smaller group and in the hall you can sit and eat your breakfast or watch cable-TV. Free WIFI.