Fornebodacottage, Kyrkhult

Address: Hovmannsbygdsvägen 73, 290 60 Kyrkhult Show map

Address: Hovmannsbygdsvägen 73, 290 60 Kyrkhult

Fornebodacottage, old and unique house.

In the early 1990s, Miss Eldhs forces subsided so much that she could no longer stay at the Ancient of Boda. In the summer of 1993 sold Brita Eldh Forne Boda Olofströms municipality. 1994 was formed Forne Boda Foundation son today responsible for former boda. The old house was renovated and unique Ancient of Boda was declared a historic building. The foundation board includes representatives Kyrkhults Heritage Association Olofströms municipality and Blekinge. Café: Sundays in July at. 14.30- 17:00 Contact for bookings of local mm: Gunni-Ann Berggren phone. +46 (0)454-42477 Berit Hansen phone. +46 (0)454-771301

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  • Phone number
    +46 (0)454-771 301, (0)703-842 309
  • Contact person name
    Berit Hansen, Rolf Persson
  • Facilities
    Parkering Bus Parking

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