Szabos meat

Adres: Gröne väg 4, 295 94 Näsum Pokaż mapę

Adres: Gröne väg 4, 295 94 Näsum

Farm shop

On Szabó, we have always fresh, local, new cut meat tailored to your wishes. Each meat detail made ​​specifically for you to your specifications in our shop. No meat vaccum packed, it is packed in waxed paper the old fashioned way. The quantity / weight, you decide. Here you can include a day-old steak and Danish steak and chops with the surge. Here you'll find even continental delicacies of fresh Swedish ingredients with their own developed products, including smoked pork sirloin and spicy homemade sausages with Swedens highest meat content.

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    Bruno Vilman, Annamaria Vilman
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Hotel Fritzatorpet

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